About Errordeck

Errordeck is a different approach to an ancient issue: How to handle errors and take action on them.

I have been sitting trying to do my work in error handling services like many of us and felt I didn't find it easy or fun. It took time to find issues, and too many details I didn't need to know made it harder to understand what I should focus on. Errordeck is a way to solve those issues.

I also felt that error handling services are lacking one other big thing, privacy. Errordeck will do more to protect personal data, like encrypting and scrubble personal data and not sending that data outside the EU.

About the guy behind Errordeck

My name is Håkan Nylen, and I have built projects since I was 15. I have made multiple projects focused on privacy and am active in the open source community, especially in Crystal and Ruby.

The values

Simple to use

Errordeck should be easy to use, and it should go fast to get where you want to be and have the information you need.


Errordeck is entirely European and based in Europe, from the data center to PaaS to SaaS. Our data stays in Europe, so you don't need to worry about Privacy Shields, data transfer to the USA, or that our providers will get targeted by FISA.

More privacy as a default

Errordeck has some simple scrubbing and filtering rules than other error monitoring services. This is to help mistakenly send data to our servers. We also don't save user context; we do as many privacy-focused web analytics do; we create a unique hash for that user and throw the user_context away. That is because user_context can easily contain PII information.

If you still want to save data to find the user, you can save your internal user_id in tags.