Error monitoringMade Simple.

Errordeck is an error monitoring, tracking and handling service that will help you know the most common error and help you solve them more straightforwardly.

Everything you need to handle your errors

Go through the depth of the issue's details, and find the root cause of the issue.

Go through the depth of the issue's details, and find the root cause of the issue.

Other features for handling your Errors

Stack trace

View the stack trace and know exactly where it failed. An excellent, nice way to know where exactly the error happened.


See easy what is going on in your application when you need to by fastly looking at the graphs. You can see spikes and an increased amount of users getting errors fast.

Email alerts

As soon as we get a new error on a unique place in your application, you will get an email notification immediately, so you can quickly decide on it.

Handle issues simply

Move your issue to 3 different steps depending on their status to handle the issue's lifecycle.


Need to find that specific error a user asked for? You can search for that error on the message, title, or URL.

Sentry client support

You can use the Sentry client to send events to us to get started quickly.

Other reasons to use Errordeck

Privacy friendly

Errordeck is privacy friendly, meaning we have thought of privacy throughout the product. Examples of things we do to handle privacy better than any other error handling service:

  • We don't store user context from the Sentry client; we generate a hash to count unique users and throw it away.
  • We host all data in the EU with only European providers.
  • We don't use any third party services to collect data.
  • We only use privacy-friendly analytics on our website - no Intercom,or Google analytics. We use Plausible Analytics, which is also EU-based.


We focus mainly on simplicity to make it easier to use and navigate through the product. We have also rethought how settings should look and feel. You will notice that Errordeck has inspiration from Vercel and similar.

We will also only focus on error handling. That means we can entirely focus on what we think you want good service for; Finding and handling Errors.

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