Simple pricing, no commitment.

Everything you need, nothing you do not. Pick a plan that best suits your business.

Our plans

Price monthly10 EUR

Always Included

  • Error monitoring

  • Email alerts

  • Unlimited amount of users

  • Unlimited amount of projects

  • Data in EU for real

  • Unlimited retention

Why use Errordeck?

Only care about events

We only charge for events. You can have unlimited users and projects. This means we are one of the cheapest and one of the few with a simple pricing plan. So no headaches.

GDPR compliance

We are a European service only using European services for handling your data. No data transfer to the US at all, all data stays in EU.

Supports Sentry clients

We support Sentry API clients. Making it easy to get started with direct support in dozens of languages quickly.

Kind plan switch

We do not automatically move you to the next plan. If you have exceeded your plan's limit for a period, we will contact you and give you two weeks to decide if you want to switch or cancel. If no decision is made, we will cancel your plan.

You own your data

You own your data, and we have both encryptions at rest and encryption in the database on columns used for custom data. We can't encrypt everything, but we encrypt columns used to set your user's personal information.

We scrub and delete PII info

We do not save Sentry's user object, and we make a hash to count unique users and throw it away. This is to give extra security to your user's data. We also have some simple scrubbers that remove personal information from tags.



We use Scalingo, which uses 3DS outscale as their datacenter's provider. Both of them are French companies, and this means we are European from up to bottom and have no American-owned providers.

Why do you not have X?

We are in an MVP and are adding more and more things. So we might not have what you need now. You can use our free plan to check and tell us if you miss anything. We have on our roadmap, as an example, breadcrumbs, search filters, better source map support, etc.

Only focus on errors

We will only focus on making good error monitoring. Performance, uptime, etc. is right now out of the scope. We hope that will also help with the service being simpler to use.